My 25+9...juz figured this would be cool and 25 wasnt enough

Friday, February 13, 2009

0) I put the spaces in between them all kuhz it looked horrible without em lol .

1) Im A Ryan Leslie fan (no homo) .

2)"i don't have to say you stole my heart 
'cause anything i have i freely give to you" 
is 1 of the best things ive ever heard in a song .

3) I've had 3 iphones in the last 2 months .

4) I've had and sold 5 phone in the last 2 months .

5) I'm single haha .

6) I think facebook instant messenger is stupid .

7) I took a test with sum psychologist and it said i was a Genius .

8) I love wokcanos (and sushi in general) .

9) I love to sing (again) and am just starting to stride towards any goals of music that i have .

10) I have a tag team mixtape with A-Roc coming out called [Get Well Soon] . (coming soon)

11) I love the bros from the block (Block-P) .

12) I love Indie.Arie's first cd .

13) I'm a true Jay-Z fan and i think hes the best to ever do it .

14) I DON'T look like Bow DMX...or anyone else .

15) I dont know how i look like all these people that people say i look like but they look nothing alike lol . i.e. Bow Wow and DMX look nothing alike . lmao

16) Drake is the best rapper in his age bracket...and...better than alot of others that arent in his age bracket .

17) I'm in love with the iPhone again...i broke up with it for a G1 and a SideKick LX...and realized its the 1 for me lol .

18) I say, "Don't play hard 2 get...with a dude thats hard 2 get" lol i.e. me haha .

19) I'm never stagnant .

20) I love maturing .

21) I started being funny when i stopped trying to be funny .

22) I think every woman is amazing .

23) I love my mom . (lo key lol)

24) I love God...but i b gettin mad at him sure he be mad at me 2 .

25) I Love those that Accept that i can't Accept every1 .

26) I'm addicted 2 tattoos .

27) I went to Europe for a month .

28) I took summer classes at USC as a freshmen in high school to get ahead .

29) I'm in the studio almost every week day...all day .

30) I started singing because of Stevie Wonder's Cd called Talking Book .

31) I'm In Love with sarcasm . lol

32) I say what other people think .

33) I thought it was going to be hard...but it wasn't .

34) Did I mention I love Love ? haha juz figured i should mention .

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