I don't be on here much

Friday, May 29, 2009

But I do b on twitter
Follow me !
Tell ur friends !

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

She knows I'm a fan =-O...LOL

But it was a great day...had fun

Don't touch my damn radio ! Haha kuhz I'm daddy !

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

I've been great...jus chillin...not alot has been ocupyin (LOL I kno that's wrong spellin but sound it out) my mind...jus sum1...the bros...music...n work...

But yes...we r going hard...pls tell it friends n stuff 2 check out our blogs...so we can get more views...n more looks...n more fans...

But on the more lively side of it...Friday was soooo horrible...LOL but I was happy all day...no whip...left work early -_-...or was told to leave early...didn't see her haha...n more crap...but I had a smile on my face all day

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jus figured I'd update my bloggio...mixtape cumin soooo soon
New whip comin next Wednesday !

That's prolly about it

Been training for techinical support all week -_- n last week ! Brrr haha

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chris brown - you
Has been in my head all day ! Lol this is crazy

Got...another check yesterday...lmao...n I get paid this Wednesday...2morro...so that's 3 checks in 1 week lmao...crazyyy

And my car

Is actin up so ima take that money I have saved up n get a jag...hopefully...so that will be 1 of the things down...macbook pro 2 go...

Crazy how ima pay more 4 a laptop than 4 a car ima boutta get lmao...but that's the top of the line comp haha

Juz a thought...due to trust issues I b thinkin that if I have a crush on some1...they will crush my dreams of a relationship...let's hope that it doesn't happen

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P.s. Yesterday happened like it did so 2day could happen like it's supposed 2. ツ


Monday, March 9, 2009

Well I was super late due to car trouble so I'm takin a super short lunch break to get sum mo' money lol

But anyways there really isn't that much goin down right now...jus work...studio...and tryina figure out what ppl r about

I love my block bros no matter how much we fight

D-blue been over my house 4 3 days now n we been tryina function...that's somethin new...lol..

Congratz to AP on his 1st n 3rd place haha

Baq 2 work


And ps...every1 should read the 25+ list of things about me...!! (I think it's on the next page...scroll down then hit older posts)

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

vid cumin up as soon as it uploads


Friday, March 6, 2009

Ima boutta get sum credit and purchase my macbook ! So I can build it up 4 later !

Right now I'm spendin my next 4500 on a MacBook pro and a new whip...but I still have spendin money on deck ! This job I'd givin me a step up...n a talked to Kyron so I can get my investing goin...haha tryina get wealthy

All gold with diamonds n it spells out Just10 haha I need a chain

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Almost died

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Definately almost got into a car crash so I'm happy to be alive...! Haha thanks God...ur the greatest lmao

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First check on deck

So hollllllaaaaaaaaa hahaha
I got shit to pay/buy

Tickets -_-

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Have yuu guys seen it ?

LOL facial hair cumin in lmao
And needed a hair cut

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Lunch break

Howdy all

Other than the question of the day I really don't have much to say other than I love comments...and about telling people about the UFO blog and this blog I have here

Payday is 2morroooo
So I can go buy sum shit n save sum shit !

Jaguar from brother 2000
New white iPhone with AT&T 300
Canceling t-mobile 300
Chain $?
4 g-shocks $?
Chucks LOL $25
5 pair shoes (prolly blazers)
Group UFO piks $75
Music myspace $?
Ear rings
Autotune haha
Car insurance

That's all I can think of right about now

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Is there really such thing as "Love at first sight" ?
And is it thirsty to be like that ?
Or even "like at first sight" ?

That's I question I juz had 2 ask

If yuu have any answers/thoughts let me kno

Btw don't 4get to check out callusufo.blogspot.com for our latest music...piks...videos...and juz random talks

Get Well Soon

Monday, March 2, 2009

Btw be on the look out for "get well soon"
The mixtape by me n a-roc bka U.F.O.

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Work Lunchbreak

This is me
I kno I haven't been on much
I've been in the studio makin music and at work everyday
But I'm still alive LOL
So I figured IDE start makin blogs during my lunch break

Ayyyee b4 I go take this link
Www.callusufo.blogspot.com were yuh can get info on me and a-roc music ventures...our new music...and blogs about the game stuff we coin thrue

So check it out
New template, pictures, videos, n all that coming soon to that page
And here 2*

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My 25+9...juz figured this would be cool and 25 wasnt enough

Friday, February 13, 2009

0) I put the spaces in between them all kuhz it looked horrible without em lol .

1) Im A Ryan Leslie fan (no homo) .

2)"i don't have to say you stole my heart 
'cause anything i have i freely give to you" 
is 1 of the best things ive ever heard in a song .

3) I've had 3 iphones in the last 2 months .

4) I've had and sold 5 phone in the last 2 months .

5) I'm single haha .

6) I think facebook instant messenger is stupid .

7) I took a test with sum psychologist and it said i was a Genius .

8) I love wokcanos (and sushi in general) .

9) I love to sing (again) and am just starting to stride towards any goals of music that i have .

10) I have a tag team mixtape with A-Roc coming out called [Get Well Soon] . (coming soon)

11) I love the bros from the block (Block-P) .

12) I love Indie.Arie's first cd .

13) I'm a true Jay-Z fan and i think hes the best to ever do it .

14) I DON'T look like Bow Wow...Cassidy...Carlton...lol DMX...or anyone else .

15) I dont know how i look like all these people that people say i look like but they look nothing alike lol . i.e. Bow Wow and DMX look nothing alike . lmao

16) Drake is the best rapper in his age bracket...and...better than alot of others that arent in his age bracket .

17) I'm in love with the iPhone again...i broke up with it for a G1 and a SideKick LX...and realized its the 1 for me lol .

18) I say, "Don't play hard 2 get...with a dude thats hard 2 get" lol i.e. me haha .

19) I'm never stagnant .

20) I love maturing .

21) I started being funny when i stopped trying to be funny .

22) I think every woman is amazing .

23) I love my mom . (lo key lol)

24) I love God...but i b gettin mad at him alot...im sure he be mad at me 2 .

25) I Love those that Accept that i can't Accept every1 .

26) I'm addicted 2 tattoos .

27) I went to Europe for a month .

28) I took summer classes at USC as a freshmen in high school to get ahead .

29) I'm in the studio almost every week day...all day .

30) I started singing because of Stevie Wonder's Cd called Talking Book .

31) I'm In Love with sarcasm . lol

32) I say what other people think .

33) I thought it was going to be hard...but it wasn't .

34) Did I mention I love Love ? haha juz figured i should mention .

lol baq

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hey ppl...yea i kno im baq out of the blue lol . what had happened was...*looks up at the roof*...lol i had this phone app 4 my g1 and it wasnt posting my posts. so im juz gunna act like it never happened lol . happy mlk day b-days in 13 days ! what should i do ? ! hit mee upp

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