Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chris brown - you
Has been in my head all day ! Lol this is crazy

Got...another check yesterday...lmao...n I get paid this that's 3 checks in 1 week lmao...crazyyy

And my car

Is actin up so ima take that money I have saved up n get a that will be 1 of the things down...macbook pro 2 go...

Crazy how ima pay more 4 a laptop than 4 a car ima boutta get lmao...but that's the top of the line comp haha

Juz a thought...due to trust issues I b thinkin that if I have a crush on some1...they will crush my dreams of a relationship...let's hope that it doesn't happen

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P.s. Yesterday happened like it did so 2day could happen like it's supposed 2. ツ


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